Competition Bikini Cut & Style

To choose the perfect competition bikini cut & style to showcase your body is not an easy task. So this is exactly why at Vicky Ross Fit we have a wide range of bikini options to flatter all body shapes.


At Vicky Ross Fit, we offer 3 different cup styles. Each of these bikini top can come with its own set of great advantages and disadvantages. Therefore you need to make sure you get the perfect competition bikini cup style to compliment your body type. We want you to get exactly what you are looking for on a competition day. So we are sharing the comparison among some of the options we have for competition bikini cut & style.

Do you want to find out even more on how to get the right competition bikini cup style for your next stage suit?  Watching Vicky Ross Fit video

competition bikini molded cup


This style of cup is our most demanded one among those competitors that have natural breasts and see large changes in cup size during competition preparation, as well as among those fitness competitors that have enhanced breasts. The Molded cup support is one of the easiest to wear and it can be perfect for maintaining a great shape and comfort. If you are looking for fuller rounder bust with perfectly defined cleavage our signature molded cup is definitely created for you. This cup style will look especially complimentary if you have natural bust. You can easily transform your breast size from A to full C by adding extra push up padding. The shape and size of the cup is fixed meaning that the shape of the cup can’t be changed. For competitors with enhanced breasts bigger then D this cup is not recommended.

* Suitable for Bikini & Figure.

competition bikini underwire round cup


The pushup, underwire rounded style has a very natural feel that many are used to from typical underwire bras. There are many competitors that even prefer to wear this style in the bikini round because it feels closer to lingerie. Although this style is more popular for “costume” style bikinis most find them very suitable for use in enhancing natural bust.

* Suitable for Bikini & Figure.

competition bikini drawstring adjustable cup


This style of cup is more popular among those that have enhanced breasts or those that have naturally D-D+ size bust. If your bust size has remained fairly constant in competition prep and you want to make sure you can have a natural looking bikini top, this is a great option. The big advantage of this style of cup is that it can be adjusted to any shape and size preference. It can also be used particularly well to adjust for gaps in the cups for a smoother fit.

* Suitable for Bikini & Figure.

At Vicky Ross Fit, we have designed a series of different styles for the bikini bottom. Choose the competition bikini cut wisely to complement your legs and figure. It’s important to consider that in some cases your federation or your coach may have some restrictions with your competition suit. For the most part however each of these cuts is usually completely legal in most competitions. We typically manufacture 3 competition bikini cut types for the front.

STRAIGHT BOTTOM FRONT CUT for competition bikini suit


The straight style cut is a regular front rise bikini and most popular cut. This cut sits around the hips and has a butterfly shaped scrunch bottom to accentuate the buttocks. This is a fairly common cut among many first time competitors as well as experienced being many times on stage competitors.

* Suitable for Bikini & Figure.

SCOOP BOTTOM FRONT CUT for competition bikini suit


The scoop bottom front cut is designed with an extra low cut down the front of the bottoms. This is the type of cut that is great for accentuating someone with a really lean body and extremely defined abs. The scooping nature of the bikini bottoms sloped down so that more of the ad structure can be shown off in competition. For leaner competitors who want to be very ab focused, this could be a great choice.

* Suitable for Bikini & Figure.

V-SHAPE BOTTOM FRONT CUT for competition bikini suit


V-shape cut is designed to sit high over the hips to give a flattering look to your midsection and create the illusion of longer legs. V-shapes offer a greater emphasis on accenting the legs. If you have particularly strong thigh muscles and leg muscles that you want to show off, this is a cut which can be extremely favorable for that reason. This cut is best suited to figure competitors and European competitions. This style is becoming more popular with all federations.

* Suitable for Bikini & Figure.

Choose the right bottom competition bikini cut for your next show! Make sure that you have the ideal style and shape of coverage that is complementary for your body type. Each type of bottom back cut can reveal a little more or less potentially complement your booty shape. Make sure to choose the competition bikini cut that will help you to feel confident on competition stage. Here are some of the most common types of bottom back cuts which are available for ordering at Vicky Ross Fit.

competition bikini cut pro


Pro style cuts cover even less than a traditional style Brazilian bikini back. These are about the same as a standard thong and they can be especially helpful if you have spent an extensive amount of time shaping your hamstrings and buttocks for competition. Usually this style of bikini back is designed more for professional competitors but a number of people try it out when they really start to feel very confident in their shape. Pro cut is highly recommended for petite competitors, athletes who really want to show off their glutes.

* Suitable for Bikini & Figure.

competition bikini cut brazilian


Our signature Brazilian cut is one of the most popular choices among competitors and is suitable for most federations. This is one of the perfect options for those that are looking for fuller rounder buttocks and wanting to show off the glutes as well as have balanced back option between Pro and Moderate style bottom back cuts.

* Suitable for Bikini & Figure.

competition bikini cut moderate


The moderate style bottom back cup covers about 50% of the buttocks area and fits a little closer to a traditional bikini. This can be a huge help for competitors that want a bit of extra coverage or want something that fits a little closer to traditional swimwear. If you are fairly new to competitions, the moderate style back is often a great choice.

* Suitable for Bikini & Figure.

competition bikini cut


Our figure competition bikini cut style is the standard style and coverage for the figure and physique division in the NPC and similar leagues. Vicky Ross Fit figure suits come with a high V-Shape front and back. The competition bikini cut is designed to sit high on the hips. The criss-cross on the back straps are adjustable and clips onto the bottom. You can also choose a different competition bikini cut for the bottom when placing a custom order. Pro, Brazilian, Moderate, adding a scrunch - all these options will be available if you decide to add a customization to your figure suit.

* Suitable for Bikini & Figure.