To create Vicky Ross Fit bikinis we are using a variety of high quality fabrics from suppliers all around the world. One of the many features we require at Vicky Ross Fit from competition bikini fabric is that it is stretching in 4-ways. High quality competition suits are always created using a 4 way stretch fabrics. This means that fabric stretches both cross-wise and length-wise. We believe the bikini you wear when going to compete on stage should move with your body and remain in place, as well as look great!

You can choose for your next Dream Suit a Holographic Fabric which adds sparkle and dazzle on stage. In contrast you can go with luxurious rich stage look by choosing one of our Velvet Fabrics. Want to find more about TOP FABRICS that we use to create your favorite Competition Suit Designs? Read about How to Choose the Fabric for your next Competition Suit

Not sure which competition bikini fabric to choose for your next bikini or figure suit? You can see the true vibrancy and shimmer our fabrics have by ORDERING FABRIC SAMPLES. Even more, it will give you an amazing opportunity not only to choose the color for your next stage suit but also feel the quality of the fabric.


Fabric will appear darker in person because all photos are taken under bright white lights to imitate the stage lightening.