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30 in stock

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Perfect Fit
Hand Applied Crystals
Winning On Stage Look
Dream Suit Designs


Buying a Competition Bikini Gift Card is an absolute win-win option! Do you know at least one girl who wouldn’t be happy to get as a present Gift Certificate for bikini that will be Custom Made based on her color preferences, cut style, cup design etc?
Even more, give your friend, family, or associates the freedom to Design and Own the Bikini of their Dream!

Competition Bikini Gift Card is Luxury and Unforgettable Experience of getting Custom Bikini for your loved ones!

Vicky Ross Fit Competition Bikini Gift Card never expires and can be used at Vicky Ross Fit Store toward:

πŸ–€ Competition Bikini or Figure Suits
πŸ–€Β  Crystal Jewelry
Satin Robes
πŸ–€ Competition Day Essentials


So Vicky Ross Fit Gift Card is all about…

πŸ–€ Competition Bikini Gift Card that She will Fall in Love with
She will have Unique Experience
πŸ–€ She can use Any Time since it has No Expiration
She can choose anything she likes

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