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Stunning Crystal Bikini Rhinestone Earrings to compliment your stage look even with more sparkle! These rhinestone earrings is a perfect addition to any bikini, figure or physique competition suit. With its elegant clear crystal design it will be a perfect match to your bikini rhinestone connectors. Stun the judges with sparkling wow effect.

Matching your competition jewelry to your stage bikini is certainty a great way to bring all your package together. Judges look at your overall package. So choosing the right pieces is essential for presenting your best package and feeling confident on stage. These Crystal Bikini Rhinestone Earrings will be a perfect addition to Vicky Ross Fit Bikini. Perfectly matched with all crystal connectors and jewelry, these earrings are certainly one in a million!
amide ¤ ???? Excellent Quality  Crystal Bikini Rhinestone Earrings
Drop Style Earrings
amide ¤ ????Unique  Design
Beautiful sparkle appearance
amide ¤ ???? Suitable for all divisions: Bikini / Fitness, Figure / Physique and Bodybuilding
 Drop length 2.3″
amide ¤ ???? Ships in 1 – 2 days of purchase!

Certainly no other Crystal Bikini Rhinestone Earrings looks as good on stage!

Have you ever been wondering where to buy your next sparkly bikini competition jewelry to enhance your overall package? Vicky Ross Fit is certainty the right place to buy the best bikini competition jewelry designs. As a competitor you should have at least one pair of earrings and one bracelet in your show day bikini storage bag. Vicky Ross Fit competition jewelry is suitable for bikini, figure and fitness divisions of all federations, including: NPC, NANBF, IFBB, NGA, OCB, NABBA, WBFF etc.

Feel inspired? Finally, become a designer yourself and create your own unique bikini competition jewelry set by choosing from our full range of competition jewelry.


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