5 Best Colors for Competition Bikini Suits 2020

Hello my Beautiful Ladies … Fitness Competition Contest is right around the corner ? But you still wondering What are the BEST COLORS for COMPETITION BIKINI?

best color for competition bikini suit 2020

As a bikini competitor myself, I know how overwhelming it can be to make a decision about COMPETITION BIKINI COLOR. Most likely you as a fitness competitor you feel extra pressure in making this decision. Simply because you want to choose the best bikini to display your body to its fullest potential. Especially after all hard work at the gym, competition prep diet, bodybuilding discipline.

As a bikini designer, I also understand how choosing the right color for competition can give you more confidence and help to stand out in the lineup among other fitness competitors. So, I thought after years of guiding girls online (INSTAGRAM @vicky_ross_fit ) and instore ( WWW.VICYROSSFIT.COM ) its time I share 5 Best Colors for Competition Bikini Suits in 2020.

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Candy Red Crystal Competition Bikini Suit

Candy Red Crystal Bikini Suit | Full Scatter Crystal Bikini

As you already know from our previous bikini blog post: Red Competition Bikini Suit … Classy & TRENDY choice. You can’t go wrong if you decide to get Red Color for your next bodybuilding competition. But Vicky Ross Fit Signature Candy Apple Red is like a ” Sugar Coating on Candied Apples”. So it is a “sugar coating”, “cherry on top of pie”, final touch for you perfect fit body! So Candy Apple Red is definitely the shade of red color for 5 Best Colors for Competition Bikini Suits 2020.

ocb pro bikini red competition bikiniCLICK ON THE PICTURE TO SHOP SAME LOOK

To create Vicky Ross Fit Candy Red Crystal Bikini Suit we use 4-way stretch Holographic Fabric. This type of fabric creates a magnificent SPARKLING EFFECT. This fitness fabric looks especially shiny under the competition stage lights. This is exactly WHY VICKY ROSS FIT CREATED A LINE OF AFFORDABLE COMPETITION BIKINIS JUST FOR $99.

red plain competition suitRed Plain Competition Suit | Brazilian Scrunch Bottom



Blue Toxic Competition BikiniBlue Toxic Competition Bikini | Custom Designer Fitness Suits | Pro IFBB NPC OCB WBFF

Before we gonna go deeper into discussion WHY is Sapphire Blue on Vicky Ross Fit list for 5 Best Colors for Competition Bikini Suits in 2020. First, I want you to look at this picture with the TOP 10 BIKINI GIRLS at Olympia 2019.

top 10 bikini competitors olympia 2019

Which competition bikini color the most popular among Best of the Best Bikini Competitors? Yes …. right …. BLUE. Do you think this is just a coincidence ? Or maybe IFBB Professional League President Jim Manion called all Bikini Competitors to wear Blue Competition Bikini? So the Olympia Bikini Judging will be easier;)

So want to know why most Pro IFBB Competitors choose bold colors for stage bikinis such as Blue? Simply because this color intend to stand out the most under the bright competition stage lightning. So if you still deciding on the competition bikini color …one of those option is your safest way to go. This is also one of those “universal” colors that looks complimentary almost with any hair color, eye color and skin tone.

best color blue competition bikini suits

3. Turquoise Blue

Competition Bikini with Molded Push-up CupCompetition Bikini with Molded Push-up Cup | Blue AB Diamond Deluxe Fitness Competition Suits

Turquoise Competition Bikini Color looks Magnetic on Fitness Tanned Body! Vicky Ross Fit Ombre effect will add even more magnificence to your stage look. Turqoise or Aqua colors looks really refreshing & bright under the competition stage lights. Our signature ombre bikini crystallization technique adds a deep dimension to the crystal bikini and makes the color look more popping on stage.

turquise bikini fitness ocb pro bikini

Horizontal ombre technique is especially perfect for fitness competitors with natural bust.

We can also use a range of crystal sizes for a smoother and more striking ombre effect.

You can see Vicky Ross Fit full range of OMBRE COMPETITION BIKINIS n one page. If you are on a budget and wish to look for non-decorated competition bikinis, then take a look at our affordable range.



fuchsia Crystal Fitness Designer BikiniFuchsia Ombre Competition Bikini | NPC IFBB Fitness Suit

If I would ever stage on competition bikini stage again and you aks me which color for competition bikini I choose. I twill definitely be … FUCHSIA … MAGENTA … HOT PINK COMPETITION SUIT.

 Is that a provoking shade for fitness bikini? Yes!

Is that an eye-catching color? Yes!

Fuchsia Pink is a feminine color just like pastel pin or baby pink. But on the other side is associated with more confident and mature character. So if yu are ready to bring that confidence on stage than go with Fuchsia Ombre Competition Bikini | NPC IFBB Fitness Suit .

INTERESTING FACT: Fuchsia pink is been used by many female-focussed brands to convey a sense of attitude. For example, TV show Sex and the City all used fuchsia in their logos.

hot pink npc bikini suit

hot pink neon swarovski cry


My Beautiful Ladies, you know, at Vicky Ross Fit we never stop surprising you with Unique Competition Bikini Designs. So …. currently we are working on adding Neon Fitness Bikinis Collection. Stay tuned to see how we will create magic with new Neon Hot Pink Crystals.



pro multi color royal blue bikiniRoyal Blue Crystal Suit | Full Scatter Pro Multi Color

Yessss… we are coming back to BLUE shade again) This time it will be Royal Blue – Deep, Vivid Blue color for competition bikini. In painting, Blue is the primary color, which means you can’t mix two paint colors to create blue. So in fitness competitions Blue is a primary color as well, which means there will be Blue Competition Bikini at any show you go! Why not? If it loos great on stage! There are so many different shades of blue that any bodybuilding competitor can choose something lovely for herself.

Even more, with Vicky Ross Fit Full Scatter Pro Multi Color Technique you have endless possibilities to create your Dream Color for Competition Bikini.

royl blue npc competition bikini

The most important is to get the suit that YOU REALLY LOVE. It’s your day, you should pick a bikini that will make you feel lie a QUEEN on competition stage!

SHINE BRIGHT with Vicky Ross Fit Competition Bikinis


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