Let’s Find the Correct Top Style for You!

Let’s Find the Correct Top Style for You!

My Beautiful Ladies! The competition season is VERY important for every BEAUTY!  You know we offer a wide range of options to create the perfect suit for each athlete, taking into account their unique body type and goals. Our goal is to help you achieve the desired “perfect competitor look” by providing numerous choices for building your ideal suit. So let’s Find the Correct Top Style for You!

If you are competing in the bikini division, there are specific top styles available to choose from based on your bra size and the shape of your bust. Here are some options that are usually available:
Our most popular cup style is the Molded cup, which is highly sought after by competitors with natural breasts that experience significant changes in cup size during competition preparation. It is also favored by fitness competitors with enhanced breasts. The Molded cup offers excellent support and is known for its comfort and ability to maintain a great shape. If you desire a fuller, rounder bust with well-defined cleavage, our signature molded cup is the perfect choice. This cup style is especially flattering for those with natural busts. You can easily adjust your breast size from an A to a full C by adding extra push-up padding. It’s important to note that the shape and size of the cup are fixed and cannot be altered. For competitors with enhanced breasts larger than a D cup, we do not recommend this cup style.
The push-up, underwire rounded style of bikini top provides a natural and familiar sensation similar to traditional underwire bras. Many competitors even prefer this style for the bikini round because it closely resembles lingerie. While this style is commonly associated with “costume” style bikinis, it is also suitable for enhancing a natural bust and is favored by many competitors.

The cup style mentioned is particularly favored by individuals with enhanced breasts or those who naturally have a D to D+ cup size. If your bust size remains relatively consistent during competition preparation and you desire a bikini top that looks natural, this style is an excellent choice. The significant advantage of this cup style is its adjustability to accommodate various shape and size preferences. It is especially effective in minimizing gaps in the cups, resulting in a smoother and more tailored fit.

*Advice for You!

When selecting a bikini top style for the bikini division, it’s crucial to take into account your bra size and the shape of your bust to find a fit that is both flattering and comfortable. To make the right choice, it’s advisable to try on various styles and seek guidance from experts who specialize in bikini competition attire. They can offer valuable insights and help you determine the top style that suits you best!


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