Perfect Bottom Coverage for Your Fitness Competition

Hello my Beautiful Ladies … Getting ready for competitive season? But can’t Choose the Perfect Bottom Coverage for Your Fitness Competition that best emphasizes your curves?

At our fitness competition bikini store, we understand the importance of meeting the specific requirements of each athlete’s division. That’s why we offer a range of bottom coverages to ensure you’re competition-ready. We always recommend consulting with event promoters, coaches, or judges, as they can provide valuable insights on the recommended bottom coverage for your particular division. You can often find this information on the event’s official website.

Pro Coverage

Our most popular and highly recommended bottom coverage is the Pro cut. This is the preferred choice for athletes participating in federations such as NPC, INBA, WNBA, NFF, and OCB in the bikini division. Also Wellness athletes typically require Pro bottom coverage.

TIP: If you find yourself torn between a Micro and a Pro, we suggest going with the Pro bottom coverage and asking us to scrunch up the fabric slightly to achieve a “Micro Pro” look without compromising on fabric. This way, if you ever need to increase coverage, we can easily undo the scrunching by removing the stitches.

Brazilian Coverage

For those with fuller glutes who desire more coverage, we offer the Brazilian bottom coverage. This option covers approximately 30% of your glutes and is required by federations like NANBF, WNBF, and IDFA for their competitions.

Moderate Coverage

If you prefer a more conservative look, our Mid-Coverage bottoms provide approximately 50% coverage. This option is recommended by the GBO federation for all their female athletes.

Figure Coverage

Our Figure bottom coverage offers about 75% coverage and requires additional fabric and crystals. While most sanctioned events do not mandate this coverage, there are specific events, such as the Summer Shredding events in Texas, where it may be more suitable. Please note that opting for Transformation coverage will incur an extra cost of $60 due to the additional materials and craftsmanship involved. To order this coverage, you will need to speak to one of our suit stylists who will guide you through the process of creating your custom order.

*Remember, choosing the right bottom coverage is essential for meeting competition requirements and feeling confident on stage. Explore your options, consult with experts, and find the coverage that suits your needs best. Good luck with your fitness competition journey!

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