Competition Bikini Suits SALE | BLACK FRIDAY

Member’s Exclusive Competition Bikini Suits SALE | BLACK FRIDAY


BLACK Friday competition bikini suits sale

Black Friday Officially starts at Vicky Ross Fit on November 29th but for you BIKINI SAVINGS STARTS TODAY



SHOP Competition Bikini Suits BLACK FRIDAY SALE

competition bikini suits sale

Treat yourself Beautiful! You deserve it!

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Competition Bikini Suits SALE | BLACK FRIDAY Q&A:

? Are Quick Ship Competition Bikinis included in the sale

! Yes! Vicky Ross Fit Entire Site is on SALE


? Should I order competition bikini or figure suit even though my show isn’t till 2020

! Yes, take advantage of this Vicky Ross Fit Competition Bikinis Sale! We run this Entire Site sale only once a year.


? Can I use this sale even when order your Affordable Competition Suits for $99

! Yes! So now is the perfect time to get your suit for less than $80


? Is there a limit that can be used when I shop Vicky Ross Fit Black Friday Sale

! No, you can shop yr stage look for next year and save today! At Vicky Ross Fit you can custom order Competition Bikini Suit, Figure suits or Fitness Wellness Bikini; choose one of our Designer Quick Ship Competition Suit; get your posing suit or your back-up stage fitness bikini; order your show day competition robe; designer bikini case or even full set of competition jewelry.

custom competition bikini suits


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