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    My fitness journey didn’t begin with the want or need to be a fitness bikini competitor, but that’s where my journey took me and I couldn’t be more grateful for this amazing opportunity that was presented in front of me.

My fitness journey began with the idea that I could create a healthier version of myself starting with the body and connecting with the brain. There were a few key things I was searching for on this quest:
♡ confidence
♡ a stronger ability to achieve my actions
♡ self control
♡ ability to share my story with the world around me.

    Back when I was in high school, I was on the varsity cheerleading team, ran track, had high honor roll, and was going through cosmetology school at the same time. Right before I graduated, I was in a major car accident where I almost lost my life. I suffered a lot of head injuries which resulted in hundreds of doctors appointments and tons of different medications and procedures. Around that same time, my parents were going through a divorce, I was struggling in an abusive relationship that I obtained in college, and I was having issues with a lot of my motor skills. I realized my life was going in the wrong direction very quickly and I needed to make a change.

    When I first found fitness and started going to the gym, I wasn’t quite sure what I was looking for, other than a way to connect with myself better since everything else felt like it was falling apart. My routine started with running sprints on the treadmill for cardio, several different ab workouts, and lifting light weights for my arms. I truly started to feel a better connection with myself already and wanted to explore this side of myself more. That’s when I started to dig a little bit deeper into my abilities and I began weight lifting like a bodybuilder.

    I spent 4 years consistently lifting weights bodybuilder style, getting my cardio and abs right, and creating a different structure for my body than I was currently housing. I had done a lot of research on body composition and structure and realized that a lot of people in the fitness industry had these amazing transformations and I wanted to be one of them.

My biggest goal at the time was to create a body that I was so fond of that it created a more confident brain. And surely, that’s exactly what I achieved!

    Before I begin telling my story about my first ever competition as a fitness bikini competitor, I’d like to give a big shout out to my trainer and nutritionist, who just so happens to be my amazing boyfriend as well, Zach Hudson. Not only did he do wonders with my prep, but he helped me see exactly who I could be and what I could achieve if I put all my passions and efforts in this one area of my life.

    I decided to become a fitness bikini competitor for the first time during my 5th year of consistently working out in the gym. I never thought that I would step on stage and compete in a physique competition; it never was in my interests before, but I decided it was time to show off everything I had been working so hard for. I spent the whole year getting to know my body – cutting first to see what I needed to work on, then bulking, then cutting again for my show. It was an extremely difficult process, but it showed me just what I was capable of and so much more!

    Vicky Ross contacted me through Instagram and offered me a full sponsorship for my first competition bikini and competition jewelry. Her faith in me to go up on stage for my first time ever and rock her GORGEOUS Yellow Ombre Competition Suit gave me hope. I wasn’t sure of my ability to place in the competition because it was a bigger competition held in San Diego, California and it was my first time EVER. Her confidence in me and my ability is what won me my first place trophy!

Designer Competition Suits Handmade by Vicky Ross Fit

Can you believe that? First time Fitness Bikini Competitor ever and I won first place in my class and qualified to go to nationals! WOW. What an experience!

    I can’t thank Vicky Ross enough for believing in me and giving me that extra push of passion to go out there and win. So again, thank you Vicky for making me glow like a queen on stage. I can’t wait to wear this suit again and bring home another win!




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