All I wanted was to lose 20lbs!!! That was it. This is how my fitness transformation journey started in 2015.

figure transformation journey


vicky ross fit figure competitor

How my fitness transformation journey started was the worst day for me. My husband and I were getting ready to go somewhere, I believe just a daytime date. I can’t even remember and as we were about to leave, my husband said, “Are you wearing that?” a harmless phrase but to someone that was a bit heavier than the year before it was torture. So, I went upstairs to change into the regular jeans that I always wore, probably two days ago and could not fit them. That spiraled down real fast. I broke out crying and sat on the floor on the side of my bed for a while. I’m not even sure if we went out that day.

    So, the next day I got on Facebook and I wanted to start running.

My goal was to run a 5K and I posted that as my status

High school classmate of mine responded. She told me to join a group called Black Girls Run and she explained all of what that group did. So, I joined and was very pleased that I did.  All the while, I looked for a personal trainer and found one. He was stressing that I learn how to eat because I wasn’t eating well or enough. I again posted on Facebook about finding someone that could help me with my diet and yes! A fellow sister in my run group pointed me in the right direction.

    Now I have the training with running (cardio), weights (strength), and diet (nutrition). Did not realize that keeping all of those in line with one another and being consistent took some work. Boy oh boy did I make it work. I actually lost 40lbs and I was the happiest chick on planet earth. My nutritionist became my personal trainer her group is TyM21dayChallenge (Train your Mind).

A group of likeminded people whose goal was to get to their goals and collectively we helped each other achieve it!

We went to support each other in things like runs (5K’s), Tennis matches, powerlifting, and yes Competitions (Bikini, Figure, and Physique). There is where I wanted to try my hand at competing. I expressed this to my Trainer and she was all for it, but explained everything to me about competing. I was 220 something pounds and I have already shredded 44 of them, my goal weight had changed from the measly 20lbs that I initially wanted to lose to being 200lbs even. At that time I thought that that was sufficient for a girl that is 5’9”.

    So, she put a plan together for me, my food changed drastically, my workouts were more intense, Cardio was my best friend forever it seemed, and I consumed half the Pacific Ocean daily. Every day I wanted to quit my fitness transformation journey but I pushed. With all of that I still could not see myself up on stage. My mental started working on me the more I accomplished my workouts. At the age of 46 you do not see yourself as that 20 something up on that stage smooth and everything place in the perfect position. Boy, was I a mental wreck, but by having the support of my TyM (Team) and a few more people on my side I pushed pass that.

    I learned to pose, which was the hardest of all that I was going through.

I had to be sassy, but stay poised, I had to hold this and that for minutes at a time, I had to have stage presence and barely could walk without tipping over, but I overcame that as well.

fitness transformation journey

So watching YouTube videos helped a lot, I researched posing coaches, I attended posing classes. Telling you it was all worth it.  The closer I got to competition I had the hang of it. I started the cute selfies in heels. I even hash tagged all my posing videos #Glassslipperchronicles. My confidence level went from 0 to 10. All this made me proud of myself.

    August 18th, 2018, I competed in The Lenda Murray Detroit Classic competition with everything that I learned from competition prep. My stage weight was 170lbs. I walked away with The Tony Hawes First in Show Award, Figure over 45 1st Place, Figure Class C 2nd Place, Figure True Novice 5th Place and Figure Open Class C 3rd Place. Can you believe, I was not nervous at all. I realized everyone that competed worried about the exact same thing I did. I had the time of my life and would not exchange that moment for anything.


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