How to choose the Perfect Rhinestone Connectors for your Vicky Ross Custom Competition Bikini

You’re giving it 100% in your prep—workouts, cardio, diet, rest, posing practice—and you want your bikini to properly showcase all that hard work in front of the judges. You’ve decided on the cut, color, and how much bling to add, but have you given the rhinestone connectors you pick the same amount of thought?

Here are some tips to consider when choosing the perfect rhinestone connectors for your Vicky Ross bikini suit.

🖤 First time Competitors

If you’re new to competing, your main focus is making sure the suit makes you feel special and confident on stage! Of course, you want a suit that compliments your overall presentation and physique, but for this first show you need to feel your suit makes you feel like you own that stage, like the Beyoncé, J-Lo, Tay Tay, or Ariana Grande that you are 😊

Keep your cortisol levels low, and don’t over-analyze. You can always easily swap out bikini connectors to create a different look, or upgrade for your next show!

🖤 Pros, or National Stage Competitors

As a Pro, or National Stage competitor, you want to make sure you cover your hard work up as little as possible! All your hard work and dedication should be the main focal point—you don’t want to distract the judges from your physique. Simple 1-, 2-, or 3-row connectors are great option to do so.

🖤 Certain body types add some different considerations:
  • For example, if you have small hips, you can use dangling connectors to add volume
  • Examples, connectors 6, 10, 13, and 14



  • If you have a big bust, make sure to choose connectors strong enough to lift the bust
  • Examples, connectors 6, 7, 8, and 10

🖤  If you have a smaller, natural bust, using a small middle connector, can create a fuller, rounder bust
🖤 If you are relatively short, you should consider staying away from the dangly rhinestone connectors, as they can create the illusion of shorter legs 
🖤 If you are very dry or vascular, like myself, you might want to consider adding connectors that help create a “softer look”. Round concerns and flowing lines help soften your look, while rectangular connectors can amplify the “hardness”


Matching top and bottom connectors can help pull the look together, a beautiful and consistent design, fully complimenting your body and enhancing your overall presentation on stage!

For example, for my last show, July 28, the Dexter Jackson Classic, in which I won my class and Nationally Qualified, I decided to change the rhinestone connectors I really liked, to a much simpler connector. The window connector is beautiful, but the lines are hard due to their rectangular shape, and I needed to make sure to “soften up” my physique as I was very vascular on top.

Instead, I opted for a simple yet elegant 1-row connector. This added some elegance while at the same time, making me look less hard and dry.

And, I won my both Novice and my Open Class, nationally qualifying!

Now, put that beautiful suit on, feel confident, and get ready to showcase your hard work on stage with a big smile. Shine like the beauty you are!

blue crystal bikini suit bikini model


Mirjam Elisabeth