Hello my Beauties! Vicky here & today I wanted to cover one of the most important topics after you’ve purchased your competition suit: HOW TO CLEAN COMPETITION BIKINI.

Blue WBFF Bikini Fitness Suit

Competition bikini is certainly an investment and I am pretty sure you want to take a good care of your investment right?

Even more, I think you shouldn’t have to purchase a brand new bikini every time that you go on competition stage. Taking proper care of your crystal suit can make it last longer and shine bright as you continue to step on stage on that gorgeous Vicky Ross Fit Bikini.

As a former bikini competitor myself have tried all sorts of products and methods to clean competition bikini. So now I can make sure you, my beautiful ladies, are using the best possible way.

But first, it is super important to cover 4 NOT TO DO when it comes to clean competition bikini:

laundry clean competition bikini

  • DON’T DRY CLEAN competition bikini

This is probably the 1st thing many competitors would think of doing.

KEEP in MIND: the chemicals & heat used in most dry cleaning processes are terrible to your competition suits!

this is certainly obvious that your stage bikini is fragile and the spin cycle ….well … not so much

  • DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME in washing your competition suit

cleaning competition bikini suit

As tan continues to sit on your suit it can be much more difficult to clean it off (same relates to the sweat). It can easily leave a lasting negative effect in regards to color and odor. So as soon as you done with the fitness show it will be ideally if you can wash your stage suit immediately. So I would highly recommend to take some cleaning supplies to the hotel (in case you travel somewhere to compete). It will also be a great idea to take towels from home if you don’t want to pay for ruined hotel’s towels.


Ok, looks like we have covered all most important DONTs & now it’s time to move on to the part about HOW YOU SHOULD CLEAN COMPETITION BIKINI.

competition bikini cleaning supplies

Grab your Competition Cleaning Supplies:

  • soft bristle tooth brush
  • soft wash cloth
  • towel
  • gentle cloth washing detergent
  • roll of paper towel








  1. Rinse the suit under the warm water. You will be surprised at how much will come off.
  2. If there is extra gunk left on the inside of the suit (bikini glue, tan etc) use a little bit of detergent on the soft tooth brush and give the area a gentle rub.
***TIP*** Super important NEVER EVER use the tooth brush on the outside area of your competition suit. The metallic of the fabric can literally rub off. You also easily stretch the crystals.

3. Best way to clean the tan from outside area of the suit is to use soft wash cloth and your hands.

4. Finally give a suit a really good last rinse. Use your fingers to rub the connectors and straps if there are extra tan left.

5. To get the moisture out you can place your suit on one towel, cover it with another (or 1 big towel folded over) and apply a light pressure. Another great way to get the moisture out will be using paper towels.

6. Dry the suit flat. I personally like to place it on the table under the running ceiling fan. If you plan to flat dry your competition bikini outside y need to make sure you don’t  place it under straight strong sun rays.

This is it! Nothing too fancy. These simple steps will help to keep your suit alive.