NPC Bikini Competitor | from Olympic Athlete to NPC Bikini

NPC Bikini Competitor | Fitness Transformation from Olympic Athlete to NPC Bikini

from Olympic Athlete to npc bikini

My name is Anastasiia and I am a professional athlete.

I was born and raised in Ulyanovsk, Russia and began my sport journey quite early. When I was close to 5 years old, Mom and Dad introduced me to twins, who became my sport aerobics and swimming coaches. I started competing outside the hometown with teammates at the age of 8.. and there was no summer spent in a countryside ,relaxing, because we were sent to sport camps for training. Not that it was awful, as you might think, I still had a bright active childhood, being surrounded by plenty of other kids working hard at that young age and we were having fun as well. I was kind of funny and loud sometimes and not all the other girls liked me.

and it’s not the best feeling to be an outsider

It actually never happened later in my life, but during the years with sport aerobics team- that’s how it was. When we were being judged at competitions, my score was one of the highest in the group and all that “friendship” with teammates didn’t seem to last long. There was a turning point at the age of 10, when my lovely Dad offered me to change a sport section and try myself in Track & Field. The reasons were obvious: I was damn fast, faster than anyone in school and whoever I could run with. Track & Field was an Olympic Sport and my parents were thinking that way, they saw the potential.

olympic sport

It was also good for me to perform individually, not how we used to do in trios and groups, where anyone could make mistakes and the whole team didn’t not place high afterwards. In Track if you cross the line first – you are the winner , no unfair scores and judges choosing upon their preferences. I was running with the older athletes and at the age of 14 I was introduced to one of the most potential coaches in my city. And you won’t believe, but a year later I won my first ever National Competition and became a member of the National Track & Field Team.


What a crazy time it was. I got selected to compete in Moscow at the Youth European Championships before the first ever Youth Olympic Games in Singapore- 2010. I was the fastest Russian athlete in 400 meters dash, but didn’t make in top of all the athletes to go to the Olympics. Sadly, the Federation chose only 10 guys to be sponsored in Singapore, the ones who could win a title.

  it made me work harder

Next year in 2011, when I graduated from High School, I won the Nationals in my age group with the result of 54.23s and got selected to the World Youth Championships in France, Lille Metropole. We became fifth in a medley relay. Then it was the Youth Olympic Festival in Turkey, Trabzon I brought Bronze back home, the National Games in Sochi, I beat the best Russian athletes again and won the first big prize money. Next the European Junior Championships, Italy, Rieti in 2013 and we became Silver medalists with three other athletes in a medley relay. I have proved myself and other people wrong. That was something I was enjoying doing every single day:

challenging myself and becoming closer to my dreams.

Track and Field was my passion, hobby, job, self-development platform and I am forever grateful for all the good/bad experiences. Just to mention briefly, I was close to death in 2014 when some foreign substances were put into my bottle, and I started losing memory, gaining weight and losing my mind. That was the period only God could help me, I was fully in his hands.

There were a lot of things hard to explain like how exactly it happened and why it took over 6 months for me to recover and start sleeping and eating properly.

My professional career was over at the moment and it was mentally hard to believe, I was 20 years old, full of energy.

And besides that I had two more years to go at the University where I was studying Physical Education and Sports. As you know, I was the Top level athlete before and had to join the college team for the rest of my studying program, which was also tough to accept.. after being the National Team member for 5 years in a row. I made a big change in 2015 when decided to fly to the US for 4 months and be a Work & Travel Student. It was the longest leave ever.. but I was always a person of many interests..languages, photography, make-up, I changed my priorities and had an exciting journey which led me to more visits in 2016 and 2017 and I became a US Resident in 2019.

Sports always taught me to fight ..not to give up, to set goals, move one step at a time, be patient, hard working and to stay focused.

I started considering a Personal Training Career as an opportunity in New York , and I wanted to stay in a great shape inspiring my future clients, so my systematic training began with a goal to compete at NPC Bikini in summer 2019. Thinking of it in January, I found a trainer who was willing to help me to perfect my body and train together a couple of times a week and the rest of days by myself.

The npc bikini show is a big challenge and we all do it for many reasons, you need to work on a discipline, keep a track of what you eat , how you push yourself to grow while working out and how efficiently recover.

I appreciate my small but great team who helped to make it happen: my family, coach, posing instructors and Vicky Ross for providing a great service and quality work, making me look so fabulous in her Vicky Ross Fit Bikini Suit. The look is very important on stage, not just as a criteria of judging but for you personally to feel confident and be at your best on your Show Day! I had a gorgeous Golden Vicky Ross Suit and a nice black robe, a ponytail, hoop earrings.

npc bikini competitor

My look was unique and quite different for NPC Bikini Competition , and that is who I am. I stay true to myself and my principles , not scared to disagree with a crowd, it comes from my childhood. I am very thankful to Vicky for saving my personality and highlighting my strengths.

npc bikini model My dear readers, remember, that the world is your oyster. We face challenges as we go and we learn the lessons. It makes all our accomplishments even sweeter and more rewarding. If you would love to change the world- start with yourself, make your thoughts positive, body healthy, experience the Bikini contest, embrace your beauty, travel, love and live, not just exist.



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