What is NPC Bikini Division looking for in 2020

What is NPC Bikini Division looking for in 2020

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As an NPC bikini competitor you had put in so much work into shaping and building the body of your dream! Very soon you are gonna be standing on stage in your shiny crystal bikini ready to present all your hard work to judges. So one of the hardest parts about being a bikini competitor is actually to understand what are the judges actually want to see in your overall look on NPC stage.

Vicky Ross Fit Bikinis are here to help and share what we think the NPC judges are looking for in bikini competitors in 2020.

After consulting the official NPC website, here is what we at Vicky Ross Fit think bikini competitors should pay extra attention to. Remember, we are not affiliated with NPC federation, this is just what we assume the judges will be looking for in 2020.

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According to NPC News Online,  these are the 7 things the judges look for when scoring the NPC bikini division:

🖤 A foundation of muscle which gives shape to the female body

At Vicky Ross Fit we truly believe that there is a fine line between creating a Winner Bikini Body and overdo it. To become a NPC Bikini Winner you will need just the right foundation of muscles that will help you achieve the symmetry and at the same time have really feminine body look.

🖤 Muscle Fullness

So closely look how your body is changing during last weeks prior to your competition day. Make sure you have a plan for the competition peak so you won’t look flat on stage.

Honestly, I have seen it many times how girls are looking muscle depleted during the morning part of the show. Same girls are coming to the evening part bringing with them complete different package on stage – fullness and roundness in the muscles. Yes … this magic can create with you a good meal full of carbs.

🖤  Symmetry and Balance

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🖤 Overall physical appearance including complexion, skin tone, poise, hair, tan and overall presentation
🖤 Full round glutes with a slight separation between the hamstring and glute area

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🖤  Small amount of roundness in the delts
🖤 Conditioned Core


Bikini competitors SHOULD NOT display:

deep muscle separation;

muscle striations;

an abundance of muscle size.

Your Competition Suit also plays a HUGE role in your overall stage package!

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