How to Make your Swarovski Crystal Bikini Sparkle even Brighter on Competition Stage

Hello my Beauties! I can’t wait to share with you all my Tips and Tricks on How to Make your Competition Swarovski Crystal Bikini Sparkle even Brighter on Stage! 

Honestly, I always get so excited when it comes to blink … crystals … and bikinis. Is that just me ? Or do you feel the same way?

What image do you have in your mind when you hear about fitness competition? … Tiny bitty swarovski crystal bikini fully covered in sparkling gems. Judges call your number … and here you are gracefully moving to the center of that stage in your blinked competition bikini crystal suit. Ready to show of all the hard work, every little muscle you had been working on so hard for the last couple of months.

Yes, even though it might be the ideal version of stage bikini for many girls some do prefer to keep the bling to minimal.

Also if you do like the shiny crystal bikini but have a tiny budget to spend on your bikini ( yes … bodybuilding competitions are pretty expensive including trainer, posing coach, tan, competition jewelry, heels etc) choosing a holographic fabric for your stage suit will be a great option. Holographic Spandex Fabric itself does have an amazing shimmering effect. At Vicky Ross Fit you we have created a wide collection of plain competition bikinis so you can your shiny suit in almost any desirable color just for $99.

So are you ready to jump in and learn 3 SIMPLE WAYS you can use to care for your swarovski crystal bikini and make it blink even more!?



General maintenance – light cleaning version that you can do a night before your fitness competition when your suit is pretty much ready. So your swarovski crystal bikini just simply needs a little touch up.

All you gonna need is a lint-free soft cloth. I would also recommend try not to touch the crystals itself with your fingers ( so either be careful, or you can use a rubber gloves) since you might leave a fingerprints.

Now let’s polish each crystal individually.

cleaning swarovski bikini

Use a small circular motion for polishing.

cleaning crystal competition bikini

Polishing your crystal bikini periodically with a lint free cloth is the best way to maintain the luster of your bikini and keep it looking beautiful for years.



If your crystals still look dull or dirty you can use a WET CLEANING METHOD It happens all the time that you’ve got a spray tan sprayed or transpired from your body all over your Competition Bikini. So wet method will be the best way to clean all that residue.

Now let’s gather all cleaning materials you will need:

  • soft lint free cloth
  • tooth brush with soft bristles
  • Gentle Laundry Detergent
  • Sink or Small bowl with water

how to care for swarovski crystal bikini



This method for cleaning your crystals is more like a deep clean. So it is more like an occasional cleaning. Don’t use it too often because it may wear off some of the thin protective platting on your crystals.



Last but not the least – store your bikini in the soft fabric bag.crystal competition bag by vicky ross fit


You want to make sure up keep your crystal suit separate in its own bag. This will help to prevent the crystals from scratching. You might also love to use your original Vicky Ross Fit Bikini Carry Box – that all of our customers receive with their competition bikini orders.






🖤 Shine Bright